January 2014 Picks

Welcome to the first Plan 5 update of the new year. So far we’re heading in a positive direction! Let’s dig right in. Here are the Plan 5 Monthly results for December:

Plan 5 Monthly: December 2013 Results

Dec 2 Open Dec 31 Close % Change
Caesarstone (CSTE) 49.15 49.67 +1.06%
3D Systems (DDD) 76.10 92.93 +22.12%
Illumina (ILMN) 97.87 110.59 +13.00%
Netflix (NFLX) 364.88 368.17 +0.90%
Tesla Motors (TSLA) 126.35 150.43 +19.06%
Plan 5 Monthly: December 2013 +11.23%
S&P 500 1806.55 1848.36 +2.31%

Tesla has been making up some of its losses, and that has helped contribute to a strong rebound for Plan 5 Monthly in December, rising 11.23% in comparison with the S&P 500’s 2.31%.

Only one substitution this month, with the new set of picks replacing Ceasarstone with Sierra Wireless. Here are the January Plan 5 Monthly picks:

Plan 5 Monthly: January 2013 Picks

Company Symbol
3D Systems DDD
Illumina ILMN
Netflix NFLX
Sierra Wireless SWIR
Tesla Motors TSLA

If you’re following along with Plan 5 Monthly, you’ll want to rebalance your portfolio at this point. You can find a refresher on how to do that right here.

If instead you’re following Plan 5 Quarterly, it’s not time to make any trades this month, but let’s take a look at how we’re doing two-thirds of the way through the current period. The results so far:

Plan 5 Quarterly: December 2013 Progress Report

Nov 1 Open Dec 31 Close % Change
Buffalo Wild Wings (BWLD) 143.28 147.20 +2.74%
Caesarstone (CSTE) 42.31 49.67 +17.40%
Dreamworks Animation (DWA) 34.15 35.50 +3.95%
Illumina (ILMN) 93.48 110.59 +18.30%
Tesla Motors (TSLA) 163.00 150.43 -7.71%
Plan 5 Quarterly: Nov 2013 – Dec 2013 +6.94%
S&P 500 1758.70 1848.36 +5.10%

Plan 5 Quarterly has made a turn for the better over the past month, and is now beating the S&P 500 over the same period. We’ll let it cook another month and then rebalance the Plan 5 Quarterly portfolio with a new set of picks at the end of January.

With the beginning of Plan 5’s first new year I wish us all increased success in every aspect of our lives. It’s a short and crazy life full of opportunity, so together let’s learn, love, create, and thrive!

Mike Ferrier